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I was asked to share some resources and thoughts on what I’ve been a part of in the past to our new project management. I like sharing resources :-) and have been thinking/learning about this a lot in the past few years. Here’s part of the email that

KanBan, Agile, TFS for work items, Lean, Startup culture are all things I've seen as useful.

Technical Debt article I wrote from HDC 14:

HDC productive link:
- good link in there too, great presentation on agile from I am not able to post the slides, but it was eye opening on how Agile should be adapted to your organizations needs. People over centralized power, adaption over strict process, trust over control, etc.

I'm into Behavior Driven Development that can complete improve (in my opinion) and change the requirements to customer communication to developer testing to QA testing communication. This is another post I've written.

I recommend the first 5 chapters of the Continuous Deployment book that I've read as a book study (the whole book is good, but get into more technical issues after the first 5). has a good whiteboard drawing of the ideas.

Unblock! A Guide to the New Continuous Agile - Episode #3 making Agile Work

There are numerous others, would you like to share one in the comments below?

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