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I watched the very interesting talk by Steve Sanderson (KnockoutJs creator) from NDC 2016 yesterday and took some notes and screenshots that are worth sharing. Watch the video, but here is my summary.

With Steve on the MVC team, there are a lot of helpful and timesaving features coming to MVC. He says MVC 6, but from the middleware and Mac he uses it has to be ASP .Net Core 1.

I’m interested in the NodeServices, but I’m currently using Knockout and want to use Aurelia so it’d be good to see more than Angular and React as options.

Here are some notes and screenshots from what peaked my interest:

Minute 15:

MVC has packages and helpers for Angular and React, more coming

AngularJS routing helper method from the Nuget package

validation too, the WebApi usage and integration is what I'm interested in

min 28: Razor @Html.PrimeCache( > shoves it into the html so it doesn't have to be a separate Http request

Prerender on the server: <app asp-ng2-prerender-module=”wwwroot/ng-app/components/app/app”>

  • load faster
  • can at least see it without JavaScript, but buttons don’t work
  • My thought: If this could still let you post a form, it would help with the Progressive Enhancement idea. An escalator still works as stairs if they are broken. Some things should still be possible on bad/slow connections, maybe even without JavaScript.



Minute 57:

Transpile es2015 to es5 on the server on the fly with middleware

  • Grunt/Gulp then babel are a lot of tools to learn and get setup, what if MVC did it for you?
  • NodeServices is used on the server to run node and do the transpiling. I wonder if that can be cached (304) in the normal way?






I’m hoping to get a chance to use this someday soon!

Posted on Friday, March 4, 2016 5:31 PM MVC , ASP.Net , AngularJS , Aurelia | Back to top

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