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Stimulsoft announces Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2007.1, the newest version of the popular reporting software
for Windows Forms and ASP.NET developers. It eases the pain of retrieving data from various sources and provides a
friendly report designer and a complete set of design controls to let developers build highly formatted and
feature-rich reports, delivering data in a very usable format.

New to Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2007.1 are improved productivity features, allowing users to experience high
quality viewing with less effort. Significant changes have occurred within the report designer, which now has a
new wizard for creation of tree-style reports and another wizard for customization of charts. Other added
enhancements include 5 new components that provide users with better experience of building reports. Besides, the
interface of the reports designer has been localized to 4 new languages to make it accessible for more users.

Unlike the similar software, Stimulsoft Reports.Net has an outstanding interface with docking windows, toolbars
and many hotkeys. Users will find a visual report designer with plenty of design controls that can help build
professional reports in minutes. Everything from margins to the layout is a breeze compared to competing software,
and once users understand bands, containers, and clones, the reports print out exactly as they are designed.

Stimulsoft Reports.Net will generate reports from the data from various types of sources: Ado.Net, Business
Objects, MS SQL, Oracle, ODBC, OleDB, FirebirdSQL, PostgeSQL, VistaDB, dBase and XML files. Another advantage of
the software is a possibility to use it at design time and runtime, which means it can be embedded into other
applications to add a reporting capability. No royalties for the use of the report designer at runtime are
required. Once the reports are built, they can be used in Windows Forms and in ASP.NET and exported to the
electronic formats used by most end users, including PDF, XML, HTML, Excel, RTF, TXT, DBF, CSV, EMF, BMP, PNG, etc.

"We recently purchased your Stimulsoft Reports.Net product and have been developing an application around it,"
says Dan Snyder, Manager of Application Development Information Services, IWCO Direct. "I have been extremely
impressed with the software's capabilities and ease of use. We have sent quite a few emails with questions
regarding how to use the product. In all cases, your response has been prompt, courteous, and correct. Some of our
questions were even answered with code changes on your end and new DLLs. I just wanted to thank you for all your
support and timely responses. Thanks and keep up the great work!!"

Please, explore the Stimulsoft's site at to learn more about Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2007.1.
Some areas of interest include a collection of Macromedia Flash tutorials and Power Point presentations, including
"Introduction to Stimulsoft Reports.Net", "Features of Stimulsoft Reports.Net" and "20 Problems which Stimulsoft
Reports.Net Solves".

Pricing and Availability
Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2007.1 runs under .Net 1.1, .Net 2 and .Net 3. Registered customers are entitled to a
fully-functional version of the software and subscription for 12 months, starting from the date of purchase. The
subscription includes all minor and major versions of the products at no cost, priority technical support, and an
opportunity to get beta-versions of the product for testing purposes on request. Once the subscription is over, it
can be extended for only 35% of the current price. The registration is risk-free. If the subscription hasn't been
extended, you can keep on using the current version, both components and upgrades, for the granted period of time.
Additional information on Stimulsoft Reports 2007.1, as well as its free trial version is available from

NOTE TO EDITORS: Please, let us know if you have questions or would like any additional information on Stimulsoft
Reports.Net. Contact Andrew Savin at or call +375-212-235295

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