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How do I change the owner of my table in SQL Server?

Go to the ms sql server database instance that has the table object and open a new query window. Execute the system stored proc called sp_changeobjectowner. The 2 parameters it needs to run are: (1) the current owner+object name and (2) the target owner. Take a look at the example below: exec sp_changeobjectowner 'METRO\paula.EmployeeContact', 'dbo' When the stored proc is completed, refresh the instance. The table will then be owned by dbo. In this example, the table would display as dbo.EmployeeContact ......

Where can I find the IIS Logs?

The pattern in most environments is the %windows% directory, %system32% ... etc. There are other w3 formatted directories under \LogFIles -- but primarily most folks will be looking under this directory for what they need: C:\WINDOWS\system32\LogFile... Once you're there, the actual log files will look like: exYYMMDD.log (e.g. ex080802.log) ......