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Let’s start by saying that I am super excited to attend the MVP Summit 2008. I have a flight on Monday and I can’t wait to be in Redmond. But before I do that I need to do some packing. I am not an alpha geek hence I don’t have much to pack. Following Scott Hanselman wise advice I am taking a power supply with 3 outlets. I got it from the dollar store for … a dollar.

The picture below shows the 6 outlet supply but I have the one with 3 outlets.


Now, let’s turn to the most important thing, the laptop. I have a 17 inch heavy laptop which is the company’s laptop. This is just too heavy to carry around. So, I decided to take my wife’s laptop. I am talking about 3 year old crappy laptop with only 1.5 GB RAM. It does not even have Visual Studio installed. The only framework currently installed on that machine is the Ruby framework. Some of the keys are coming out and it cannot run without a battery not even for 5 minutes. But I guess it is better than nothing!

The only hard copy book I am taking with me is “LINQ in Action”. This is because it I need to get it signed from the authors. All my other books will be in the form of e-books.

Finally, there is a MVP folder which contains all the printouts and directions.

So, what are you packing?

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I find those poweroutlets also perfect for international travel as well. You buy 1 adapter and can use it for laptop, phone charger, camera charger, other...

Have fun at the summit!
Scott Barnes
Product Manager
Left by Scott Barnes on Apr 12, 2008 5:29 PM

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