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Got all of my workstations and servers patched up this morning.  Just a small handful of laptops didn't, because the users forgot to choose “install and shut down” at the end of the day.
Our main line of business application freaked out this morning due to a patch for the program that the vendor installed (unrelated to the MS patches from yesterday).  Corrupted a necessary file.  Took about 30 minutes to get that fixed up.  As a little tip, it's great when your service contract has a clause specifying that the vendor will perform all maintenance on the program, but make certain that verbage also exists detailing notification standards and documentation of changes.  In the case of this vendor, their staff VPN's in does some work and then gets out without giving me a courtesy heads-up.  Pretty much 100% of the time this application has had issues, I can trace it back to a vendor employee doing sloppy work.  My only notification is when the end-users start screaming because the application isn't working right.  *sigh*
Tried to bring the new intranet site online this morning.  Users were getting logon boxes, so I rolled it back to the original site.  Probably nothing more than a gif missing an NTFS permission.  Will take a look at the logs this morning.
Now I have to move a current employee from one department to another and get a new one set up for next week.
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