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I thought I would share the sessions at the PDC I really enjoyed and would recommend for viewing for those that didn't attend.  And you know who you are.  :)  And those who did attend but didn't get to watch these.  I'm sure there are more that were great, but these are the ones that stuck out to me.

Deep Dive: Dynamic Languages in Microsoft .NET

Jim Hugunin gives a great session on Dynamic Languages.  This was the best talk I went to the entire PDC so I'm listing it first, but you should watch The Future of C# below first.  It is very reminiscent of the few Computer Sciences courses I've taken.  You won't learn any skills here that will directly apply, but covers theoretical aspects of cross language support.  He is also very entertaining to boot!

The Future of C#

Anders Hejlsberg shows what's coming in C# 4.0.  He covers Dynamic Languages with javascript from c#, optional parameters values for overloads and named arguments.

named optional parameters

With the dynamic language potentials, they must find a way to have an intellisense generator just like how the designer has its own plug in framework.  Maybe with interop type generation?

dynamic video = youTubeServer.GetVideo( "" ); // returns xml

   1: dynamic video = GetYouTubeVideo( "3f73fv" ); //returns wrapped xml string 
   2: ltTitle.Text = video.Title;
   3: ltObject.Text = video.Embed;

The c# interpreter was really neat at the end.

ASP.NET and JQuery

Stephen Walther taught me everything I needed to know about jquery in his hour long talk about it.  I know javascript extremely well and this just filled in the gaps so I could transfer my existing knowledge.  In fact, I am refactoring my advanced javascript talk to include jquery now, especially since it was announced Visual Studio will formally support JQuery.

ASP.NET: Cache Extensibility

Stefan Schackow explains how the new Cache Api can work and what you can do when you open up the caching framework.  This will allow more powerful extensions such as David Penton's Cache Pattern being tied directly into the framework.

Project "Velocity": A First Look

Murali Krishnaprasad does a good job introducing the new distributed caching framework called "velocity".  The option of a sending a read/write provider to a cache call  has some interesting possibilities.

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