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This is just for reference and for those who want to leverage multipart messages in BizTalk.

In BizTalk Server, a multipart message is one which has one or more parts, where each part can be either a XML Schema Definition (XSD) schemas or a .NET class.

When a multipart message is created in BizTalk, the first part would be the body part of the message. This means that the property 'Message Body Part' shall be 'true' for the first part. For all the subsequent parts in a multipart message, the property 'Message Body Part' shall be 'false'. Note that, the order of creation of a multipart message parts is vital, since it avoids compilation errors.


Every BizTalk multipart message must have at most one message body part set to 'true', in order for it to be valid. In order words, there can be only one part, whose message body part is 'true'.


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