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BizTalk Monitoring
There seems to be a too strong trend in too many product development organizations: This is the trend to only deliver; don’t get me wrong, delivering quality software on time and within budget is a good thing. The issue is that there is in many cases only focus on delivery of applications and not too much though and focus on how the operational aspect of that software will work.
This observation applies to almost all types of projects, with integration projects being no exception. Probably one of the most important factors after releasing your well coded and QA’ed system is ensuring that it meets a required level of uptime. The point I am trying to make is that no product development lifecycle can be complete without taking into consideration the monitoring of the product in the intended production environment. Very often system implementations are seen as less than successful due to the fact that a production system has gone down without anyone (except of course the users or downstream systems!) knowing about it.
BizTalk or any other integration solution for that fact is no different.  In fact the potential problem of downtime and system failure can be multiplied by a factor of the number of systems being integrated. This is where the vision of Minotaur was born.
Minotaur is an essential component in your operational toolbox that will not only provide your BizTalk administrators with up to the minute monitoring metrics via email and a dashboard, but also provide your administrators with proactive monitoring data to try and ensure that your integration systems stay available and healthy.
Minotaur takes BizTalk monitoring to the next level; Minotaur will not only monitor your custom built BizTalk product, but also the overall BizTalk Server environment including the BizTalk databases, services and performance metrics. Minotaur can then also be configured to monitor any peripheral applications and services including SOA services that your BizTalk solution depends on. The end result is complete end to end monitoring of BizTalk centric solutions, not just BizTalk application monitoring; A feature that differentiates Minotaur from the rest.
The Raging Bull Tech vision is also to make effective monitoring of BizTalk Server available not only to big budget organizations, but also to smaller companies. This is why Minotaur has a competitive once-off pricing model. I invite you to visit the Minotaur product page and look at the product yourself, I am sure you will find that takes monitoring BizTalk server to the next level; Minotaur was designed to be a differentiator in the BizTalk monitoring tool market after all.
Having now just gone through this shameless punt of the system I am affiliated with, I have to take some time to add that there are a few products in the market today that will provide BizTalk monitoring capabilities. Many of these products are good products, and dependant on your requirements, may or may not fulfil your requirements. I suggest doing your research on BizTalk monitoring software and evaluating each one based on a set of logical predefined criteria:
·        Product features
·        Pricing model
·        Vendor support
Happy BizTalk monitoring!

Riaan Gouws

Posted on Thursday, November 19, 2009 7:14 AM | Back to top

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