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Commonly when you try to connect the Enterprise Applciatons with BizTalk Adapters you might get errors like :

E-PSFT0029: JVM was not started


Unable to find JAVA_HOME.

As the error says, it is unable to locate the JVM.dll and unable to start it.


  • Make sure the folder having JVM is present as a value in PATH variable of environment variables. Say for PeopleSoft Applications, the JVM can be found with the app called JRockit so make sure the folder path of JRockit containing the JVM is properly present in the environment variable value.

Path Env Variable

  • Apart from PATH variable, make sure you also have a variable named CLASSPATH with the Jar file location in it. The mentioned below is a psjoa.jar file needed for PeopleSoft Adapter. 

ClassPath Env Variable

  • Download this exe and provide the path of the JVM.dll and check if its able to start it successfully. If yes then you can use this Folder path in the BizTalk Server Adapter configurations on the BizTalk Receive or Send Ports. If the JVM is unable to start with this tester then you know the problem is with this JVM.dll. May be some kind of security settings or access issues. Get the JVM.dll working.





  • Make sure you have all the necessary access to the user which will be connecting to the Enterprise Application. Also for the user on which the BizTalk Host Instance, BizTalk Adapters, BizTalk Send Handlers, BizTalk Receive Handlers etc are running. For eg, for PeopleSoft Applications, you will have to configure the PeopleSoft System as shown in this post so that BizTalk Adapter can connect to it.
  • Lastly, make sure you have all the values in the BizTalk Send/Receive Port Adapter configurations properly with all the usernames, passwords, case sensitive values correctly.

Hope these helps.


Vishal Mody

posted on Tuesday, February 14, 2012 3:09 PM