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January 2012 Entries

Copy a Team Foundation Server 2010 Collection to a Different Network/Domain
The Objective Three of the 6 development teams using TFS are moving to a different network and domain. There is no on-line connection between the old (source) and new (target) networks. The objective was for the teams to come in Monday morning, bring up their development machine on the new network and have everything as it had been on the old network. Failed Approaches Clone the data tier and move the data tier to the new network. This failed because the procedures for moving the hardware to a new ......

Posted On Monday, January 23, 2012 1:13 PM | Comments (2) |

TFS Integration Platform: TFS to TFS Version Control: Code Doesn’t Migrates
I’ve used the platform for ClearQuest migrations to TFS and Subversion migrations to TFS. The setup for testing the configuration can be tricky to ensure you’re starting again from a blank slate. Problem I was puzzled after running a number of test migrations to find that no source code would be migrated for some team projects, but not others. I was starting with a new migration configuration, new destination team project and even a re-install of the platform and the SQL Server DB for the platform. ......

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