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November 2012 Entries

Team Foundation Server 2012 Build Global List Problems
My experience with the upgrade and use of TFS 2012 has been very positive. I did come across a couple of issues recently that tripped things up for a while. ISSUE 1 The first issue is that 2012 prior to Update 1 published an invalid build list item value to the collection global list. In 2010, the build global list, list item value syntax is an underscore between the build definition and the build number. In the 2012 RTM this underscore was replaced with a backslash, which is invalid. Specifically, ......

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Windows 8 with Hyper-V client running TFS 2012 system on my new i7 Macbook Pro
Problems and Solutions Using Mac bootcamp I installed Windows 8 on my new Macbook Pro 15" (not a retina screen version), which has OS X 10.8.2, 2.6 Ghz Core i7 with 8 GB RAM. I followed the simple procedure outlined here. The first problem I had was that a working wireless device driver wasn't provided. I had to find and download it myself. After some difficulty and time I was able to get the wireless working fine (5G only) after downloading the Broadcom driver. I then installed and setup a full ......

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Team Foundation Server (TFS) Team Build Custom Activity C# Code for Assembly Stamping
For the full context and guidance on how to develop and implement a custom activity in Team Build see the Microsoft Visual Studio Rangers Team Foundation Build Customization Guide V.1 at http://vsarbuildguide.codep... There are many ways to stamp or set the version number of your assemblies. This approach is based on the build number. namespace CustomActivities { using System; using System.Activities; using System.IO; using System.Text.RegularExpressi... using Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Bu... ......

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Migrating IBM ClearCase to TFS
Using the Team Foundation Server Integration Tools Platform. Versions: ClearCase: Team Foundation Server: 2012 RTM Integration Tools: 2.2.20314.1 OS: Windows 2008 R2 ENT SP1 I was able to do a simple example migration of a few files by using the following approach: Using a dynamic view Creating a view shortcut drive (i.e. Z:\) Running the tools as a UI client (not as a windows service) Running the tools UI in user mode (do not “Run as Administrator”) Using the CC detailed history adapter ......

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