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January 2014 Entries

Formatting Command Output on the TFS Build Report

The Team Foundation Server build can include command output in the report log or summary by using the stdOutput and errOutput variables in the WriteBuildMessage or WriteCustomSummaryInformation activities. I’ve often been frustrated with bad formatting that you get.  However, I found that if you simply use String.Format with stdOutput or errOuput, you get much better formatting. For example, with String.Format("{0}", stdOutput) you get correct line returns.

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Making Agile Work on Large, Complex Projects
Our TFS Austin User Group hosted this presentation last month given by Mike Haze, Director of Product Management for Volusion. It was one of the best meetings we’ve had. Here’s the abstract and a link to the recording of the meeting. Recording Link: Presentation: Making Agile Work on Large, Complex Projects There is a widely accepted myth that extremely complex software platforms, committed delivery schedules, large development ......

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