Jürgen Welzenbach did a nice job of showing how to filter files from the OS by using PostFmergeBIB.bat (see Discover the Windows Embedded Experience: A flexible way to exclude files from CE image), but I thought that I would take a shot at simplifying what he did. The main reason that I wanted to simplify it is to make it more understandable for those of you that aren’t so familiar with batch files. I also wanted to avoid embedding the tags that he used in the bib files directly.
Jürgen created a batch file named make_bibremove.bat which isn’t such a bad idea, but I ran into trouble with it because it wasn’t in my PATH and when PostFmergeBIB.bat is called the current directory isn’t the _FLATRELEASEDIR.
So what I did is included all of the “code” in PostFmergeBIB.bat and used a second file to list the files that should be removed from the OS by removing their reference from ce.bib. My PostFmergeBIB.bat is:
set TAGFILE=%_FLATRELEASEDIR%\platformbib.rem
if exist %TAGFILE% (
                REM use findstr to find all lines in %BIBFILE% that contain
                REM strings found in %TAGFILE% and exclude them from the output
                REM that is redirected into %TEMPFILE% Then move the %TEMPFILE%
                REM into the %BIBFILE%
                findstr /i /v /g:%TAGFILE% %BIBFILE% > %TEMPFILE%
                move /Y %TEMPFILE% %BIBFILE%
Platformbib.rem in the _FLATRELEASEDIR contains a list of files to be removed. Each line in the file should contain one file name. It might look like:
Now that we have a PostFmergeBIB.bat and a PlatformBIB.rem, we need to have someplace to keep them and we need them to be in the _FLATRELEASEDIR when makeimg runs. So place these files in your FILES folder (either in your Platform or OSDesign or PBWorkspace) which gives us a place to keep them. To copy them to the _FLATRELEASEDIR, you can manually copy them or you can run buildrel. When you run makeimg, your new PostFmergeBIB.bat will run after fmerge merges the bib files into ce.bib.
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