Kurt Kennett from Microsoft has offered up a handy new tool. This tool is useful for creating a boot disk for x86 Windows CE systems that use the BIOSLoader. This is especially useful for creating disks with formats other than FAT16, which are fairly easy to create.
I am letting you know about this new tool, but I have to be honest in telling you that I haven’t used it myself because it is for Windows Vista and Windows 7 – which I don’t have available right now. But you can bet that I will be setting up a virtual machine to give it a try.
Here is what Kurt has to say about the tool:
 DiskPrep can prepare any hard disk that can be attached to your development PC so that it can boot your X86-based Windows CE OS Design. USB disks (including disk "keys"), Compact Flash Cards, and SD cards all work if your system bios can boot from that type of media. FAT16, FAT32, and exFAT all supported.
DOS is not used - the program prepares the bios loader on the disk and only uses that.
If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can use VHD files for VirtualPC. This allows for rapid prototyping of a self-booting system.
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