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Linked In Talk - “Beyond Silverlight with WPF” with Mike Taulty
Mike Taulty spoke for the Linked In .NET User Group via Live Meeting. 
He showed a bunch of different items and a number of usefull links:

“WPF Airlines”
Logical Pixels
Tiled image brushes
Tiled geometry brushes
Tiled visual brushes
Path based animations
3D Cube with ambient light and spotlights
2D on 3D integration
HTML Frame Control
Ink and Gestures
Code - Ink and Gesture
Code - Speech
Unified document using various pieces
Binding – static binding
Binding – ObjectDataProvider to databind enum values
Binding – ObjectDataProvider to databind a process list
Binding – XmlDataProvider to databind a twitter RSS feed
Binding – Multibinding to DateTime.Now
Triggers – simple trigger on a rectangle
Triggers – simple trigger to control volume on a video
Code – Commands in my notepad like example
Code – Printing using the “WPF Airlines” application
Code - HTML Interop with WebBrowser
Code – Windows Forms Interop

To learn more got to the link

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