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Recently I've begun to find other 'development' forums and stumbled upon the IndieGamer forums.  While I had run through them a few times before I decided to join and speak a bit.  Then, a post really sparked my interest and I suddenly continued to think about the logistics, let me provide some background.

The post was initially about a video development series.  After some crticisms on the video, the talk turned to only allowing certain people to post on the forums, people that were 'independent developers' should be allowed the argument went and n00bs shouldn't.

Now I'm not about debating whether certain people should post on forums, but how do you classify an independent developer?

  • Definition of Independent - free from external control and constraint; "an independent mind"; "a series of independent judgments"; "fiercely independent individualism" (Google Define)
  • Definition of Independent Developer - Independents are small software developers that are not owned by or beholden to a single publisher.  (Wiki)

What interested me was the work publisher.  By the basic definition of Independent it is clear to be independent you are free from external control, i.e. no one outside yourself, your organization, whatever it may be, is controlling you.  But, the definition of Independent Developer specifically states that you are free from a publisher, or free from large scale monetary backends.  Everyone should see the definition of Independent Developer is extremely focused and in ways excludes companies and/or people that may be actual 'Independent Developers'.

Why are you determined 'indie' by who backs your project and how much money your project is supported by?

I am going into the video game industry because it is what I love to do.  When I have free time I play games and work on developing them.  By all means I should be a hobbyist developer because I love what I'm choosing to do as a career path?  I am so sickened by the amount of people that get into the games industry because of one thing.  $$  If you are in it for the money, go find some other industry, we don't need you.

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