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So I stumbled upon a cool new utility for web testing called Browser Shots.  Browser shots will provide screen shots of the URL you send it in many different browsers.  The full list of browsers can be seen here:



As you can see from the image, you have the ability to select from multiple OS's and their browsers as well as set the Screen Size, Color Depth, whether Javascript is off or on, whether Java is off or on, and whether Flash is installed.  This application is free, however you do have to wait in a queue for your images to arrive.  You have the ability to sign up for priority processing for $15 a month.  Once processed you can view your images on their site, or you have the ability to download a zip file with the images.  This is a great utility for browser testing, hopefully they will start supporting mobile browsers such as the iPhone soon.  You can see the outputted images for below:

080726-195001-safari-3.1.2-mac-os-x-10.5-3dd3756cbd5f1a4eacc48f2220697bf5 080726-195032-msie-5.5-windows-2000-25d3f587306a5905b94efeb702b5ecd2

080726-195010-kazehakase-0.5.4-pld-titanium-4726bd94af906fc052442755a97a4c2a 080726-195033-msie-6.0-windows-2000-6dea82c27ec8c20e469e0b5e696b347d

080726-195012-iceape-1.1.5-ubuntu-7.10-fd97949c52d9b552e466775ff5ebdd1a 080726-195038-firefox-

080726-195013-flock-1.2.2-pld-titanium-c7de24533644c7ab19e1631449339d8d 080726-195041-firefox-1.5-windows-2000-10fa242009f4adec43830833289883c0

080726-195014-firefox-3.0-pld-titanium-62a44f8774817e2d2b1210964229b8cd 080726-195044-firefox-

080726-195015-opera-9.27-windows-2000-4adbe331b036ec04f1690b2eb7392fa0 080726-195049-firefox-3.0.1-windows-2000-3ce9d419bd8c5f57be88923c4683c090

080726-195018-opera-9.26-windows-2000-6827adb0e05a5fda193aad791bc64bfb 080726-195038-firefox-

080726-195020-navigator- 080726-195041-firefox-1.5-windows-2000-10fa242009f4adec43830833289883c0

080726-195026-opera-9.25-ubuntu-6.06-lts-e25ace07225ba76775397e76be47b270 080726-195058-seamonkey-1.1.9-windows-xp-66f0fe6ac820a8128be1e71a918b6b17

080726-195029-opera-9.50-ubuntu-7.10-a1e460047b1e489776f0592c9b0618d0 080726-195107-galeon-2.0.6-debian-testing-a31fe76a72cc122c0e6b6a6f1441e2e0

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