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palermo_cover150 Manning Publications Co. has some great books.  Ever since I first heard that MVC was coming to ASP.NET I was extremely excited.  I have always preferred the MVC pattern over the MVP pattern that ASP.NET used.  Most of the information on MVC for ASP.NET is limited or not as in depth as I would like.  I have created multiple MVC applications just by using Reflector to learn more about the runtimes.  However, being a book junky, and one that really enjoys the early access program at Manning Publications Co.  I recently purchased the early access to this book, ASP.NET MVC in Action.  I am very excited about this book.  From looking through the early access chapters I can tell it will be a great book and will reserve a space on my desk for my copy when it gets published sometime around April 2009.  This definitely appears to be a resource that those interested in MVC should take a look at.  Now if I could just figure out how to get Jeffrey Palermo to do a presentation at a Bartlesville .NET User Group meeting.  I guess I will  put down the book and start creating an action plan for that. :)

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