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I recently updated my web hosting from MaximumASP to Mosso.  This was primarily because MaximumASP does not allow MySQL on their virtual dedicated servers, and I cannot afford a full dedicated server.  MaximumASP always provided great service, and I still use them for my websites that requires solutions such as Windows Sharepoint Services, or other packages that must be installed via Remote Desktop.  However, for the majority of my sites I have moved them on to Mosso and I will not look back.  Mosso has a really easy interface that allows me to run all sorts of applications.  I can now create applications using Ruby on Rails, PHP, and ASP.NET.  I can also run all of these technologies under the same domain name!  I found this to be a really cool feature.  The only catch I have found with Mosso so far, and from reading their releases it may soon be fixed, is that for applications that require special rights on the file system, I have to have my ASP.NET application impersonate my FTP user account.  I can then set the rights on the folder using my FTP client (Filezilla).  This isn't too big of an issue as I can have unlimited FTP users and can give them access to only specific folders.  The biggest benefit I have found is that with Mosso also has media accelerators, so now I can host my own media instead of putting it on YouTube or other sites.  On the downside, I did find their information misleading on the inclusion of MSSQL.  I found out once I got signed up that MSSQL was an additional monthly fee of $5 per database.  This wasn't too big of a deal as I like MySQL and am fluent in it.  If you have been looking for a great hosting site (especially for developers) check out Mosso.  It really is worry free.  In fact here is the review that sold me:  For once I don't have to setup everything by hand and I finally get to work with multiple development platforms without multiple hosting accounts.  It really is nice.  For developers it is close, and getting closer, to the Holy Grail of hosting.  You can use this code to get a $100 credit on your second month.  Just put it in the referral box when you sign up REF-CODEMONKEY.  Also, if you have to have remote desktop access checkout MaximumASP (use referral id: CRAB-6573), they have a great platform and great support! 

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