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Went to the Princeton (East Windsor) Java User Group meeting last night to see a demo of Ruby on Rails. One question that I kept trying to answer for myself is, 'when and where would I use this?' First impressions are ROR is pretty cool as a quick and dirty set of tools for getting a data driven site up fast. Most of the code files are created automatically (like another framework I know of), if you don't have an editor you can use the command line (doesn't that defeat the quickness argument?) and you can create database structures in code (which I thought was v cool). Still, the question remains. In what situation would I need to quickly get something that wouldn't require a lot of post-production work? One of the answers I heard was - prototyping. Okay. Without knowing a lot about architecting and large system design I can accept that. But I'm ambivalent - recently I had to build a few bare-bones apps and an incorporated module very quickly and yet again I was pleasantly surprised how efficient and fast Visual Studio and the .Net controls were to use. Plus, it was noted last night that while Ruby runs on Apache it can be hard to find a host that supports Ruby and the plug-ins it requires. I think what Ruby lacks is the breadth of features offered by other frameworks and widespread, supportive community. But never underestimate an upstart, I guess. Posted on Wednesday, August 30, 2006 5:08 PM Programming | Back to top

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