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Wow, it has been a while since I have blogged!  I've moved half way across the country to Orangeburg, SC about 40 minutes southeast of Columbia, SC.  Orangeburg is a small town and I went to work for a small private university called Claflin University.  The job is good but has many challenges.  Last week I attended TechEd 2007 and the INETA User Group Leadership meeting on Saturday.  Things have changed over the last year, it looks like a new landscape and I have been feeling like I have fallen behind.  I talked to many people and inquired about what they are doing and discovered that they are just as far behind so I left feeling like it was the right time to catch up.  It felt good to take the time to concentrate on the new items and discover what the new possibilities are.

I've been concentrating on WF (Windows Workflow Foundation) and combining it with WCF (Windows Communications Foundation).  There are vast improvements over previous communication capabilities, WCF is fun and for the first time in my programming career, easier to understand and most importantly, easiest method of changing the communications method to support another method of delivery.

In speaking with some other individuals at TechEd, some believe that Workflow will probably not make the adoption level needed to keep it alive.  I have been reflecting on it and I would have to say that I disagree.  I think Workflow will make it and stay alive and it looks like it takes on greater emphasis in "Orcas" to be released later this year.  I've been exploring WF for some time now and I'm going to get a small project started using it.  I'll blog about my experiences and challenges with implementing this project.

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Not sure how you can say adoption is not there. I'm seeing tremendous calling for MOSS WF work, along with general WF work.

Take another look around. WF is being embedded into many MSFT products and lots of ISV's are hooking onto it. Also, checkout www.MasteringBizTalk,com for a great 3rd party WF too.
Left by ShawnC on Jun 10, 2007 9:46 PM

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