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Hello World!!! (again; I have a Myspace blog somewhere, along with an old unmaintained LiveJournal. Interested? It is political in nature, and the Livejournal I have is from an old position I took on a lot of things: positions I would never dare think now. Let me know if you want a link.)

So I start another blog, on another server, someplace on the vast universe of the World Wide Web. What for? First, a bit about me.

My name is Joeseph Smith. You may be saying, "Oh no, not another one!" Actually, note the careful official misspelling: an extra 'e' so you can actually extract "Joe" from my name. Otherwise, I am Joe Smith ("Oh no, another one!!!")

I currently live in Ypsilanti, MI. Just got done with my freshman year of college: 36 credits altogether for the Fall and Winter, bringing me up to 48 due to dual-enrollment with Calc I and II and some AP Literature credits. The high school I graduated from: Willow Run. The college I go to: Washtenaw Community College. The major: Math and Computer Science (Associates). Transferring to: the UoM. Summary: I am quite liberal, and I love the mindset that comes with it.

In all honesty, however, the question on your mind is quite likely: "Why am I here?" It starts with October 20, 2007 at the college, when the Day of Dot Net occurred, and I got an overloaded summary of what I need to study besides C++. C# appealed to me, but tutorials I found seemed quite dry until a few weeks back at this site (no relation to the author). Still there is the whole leap from console to actual applications that do something for the average user (Windows Forms, etc.). Another Day of Dot Net in Grand Rapids a couple weeks back introduced me to F#, which seemed really appealing, to the point where I will probably be tinkering with that more than C# (unless there is something rather nice I can do with both).

Exposure leads to research into the exposed, and here's where the problems arise:
1. .net is huge
2. the competition is just as huge (Mac and Java predominant other than .net)
3. finding a way into either realm is rather intimidating

Therefore: what is a computer science major like me to do to be ready for the programming job market ~3 years down the line? Answer, at least in my mind: a broad knowledge of languages. I mention the competition above, and it is huge, seeing ArsTechnica is working on a continuing series of articles on one user's transition from .net to Mac programming (primarily in Cocoa).

This all said, I have a goal for the end of the summer: I want to be able to create some simple applications of some use in a few somewhat related languages/APIs/etc: C# (w/F#), Java, and Cocoa (Which probably means learning objective-C). Short version: I want a Cup of Fresh Mocha for the summer when it comes to programming.

I will start with C# and Java seeing the only Mac in the house is my sister's Macbook. Knowledge is very limited in both but I have a feeling I should be able to pick them up rather quickly. Any solid suggestions on picking these languages up effectively are immensely appreciated (along with any other advice), and I will blog my experiences on an irregular yet hopefully frequent basis.

Take care, wish me luck, and thanks for reading!

Afterthought: In a rush to get to mowing the back lawn for my parents, I forgot to mention what I did today: for students in college looking into programming in .net, go to Dreamspark. Successful entrance means FREE copy of Visual Studio 2008 among other things (again, for students). Just be sure you find a very good internet connection to download about 3.5 GB of DVD image (and have a blank DVD and DVD Burner available).
That is all. Have fun!
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