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Interesting blog entry 'Looking at FIJI and VIENNA' that talks about the future paths of Windows releases.

A year long microsoft testbed project Max has been concluded today.

For details re list of bugs, refer

Here is a list of 20 cool things the average person does not know about Windows XP

I came across this article on and was shocked/surprised to know that the only supported development environment in Vista is VB6.0 and with that VS2005 SP1 rolling out, VS2005 will also be supported with some compatibility issues. In addition to the above, if .NET 1.1 is not supported at all, what would be the fate of .NET apps developed ......

Couple of free courses and workshops are available for limited time at Microsoft Learning site,

A must have book for biztalk developers with lots of KB like information on problems-solutions. Hats off to the authors... ......

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