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I've been a convert to the Maxthon browser for some time now.  The convenience of having multiple tabs in one main browser window is great.  I assumed that Maxthon would have little success after IE7 came out, but I guess the end of the road for Maxthon came sooner rather than later.

Enter tabbed browsing in IE via the latest version of the MSN Toolbar.

Right-click “Open in new window” still creates another separate instance of IE.  Instead, the MSN Toolbar adds two new right-click menu selections:  “Open in new background tab“ and “Open in new foreground tab“.  The former opens the link in a new tab without changing the focus from the current page.  The latter opens the link in a new tab and switches focus to that tab.

The Toolbar also adds an “open each link in a new background tab”, for which the default setting is off.  With a click of this button all links will open in their own tab.  There is also an “add tab” button to quickly create a new blank tab. 

These useful keyboard shortcuts are documented on the Toolbar Help page:

Open a new tab CTRL+T
Go to the next tab on the right CTRL+TAB
Go to the next tab on the left CTRL+Shift+TAB
Open a link in a background tab Press ALT and click the link
Open a link in a foreground tab Press CTRL and ALT, and click the link
Close a tab Press CTRL+F4

Update:  To the MSN Toolbar team - one organizational helper would be for the “New Tab” addition to be inserted after the currently focused tab rather than tacked on to the end of all tabs.

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