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Jeff Sandquist thinks that the first Channel 9 podcast happened just a couple weeks ago! Wow.

It looks like Jeff agrees with Robert Scoble, that podcasting only refers to delivery of audio enclosures. I can't believe this is coming from these two great forward thinkers.

Why did the term podcasting originate? Basically because people were "broadcasting" to iPods. Would Scoble also have the term podcasting also only refer to delivery to an ipod? I think not. Good thing too, since I'd much rather deliver media to my Windows Mobile device. <sarcasm>Here's a major breaking newsflash</sarcasm>: Its not just an mp3 player. I have been using Primetime Podcast Receiver and my Pocket PC to watch Channel 9 videos for months. So much of the world is stuck using audio-only iPods and similar functionally cripple devices. Hello? At least Mik e Hall gets it. No wonder, he's got a little experience with Windows Mobile. Posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2005 9:32 AM Programming | Back to top

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