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After being forced to install .Net 1.1 SP1 (ok), .Net Framework SDK v1.1 (fine), and even J# .Net 1.1 redistributable (no!), MSXML v4.0 SP2 (uh...)...

I was finally able to begin installation of BDS2006.  This includes support for Borland Delphi for .Net, Delphi for Win32, C# Builder, and a C++ Builder "preview".  Also included are lots of extras, like components, an obfuscator, db tools, a UML designer, etc.


So far I'm very impressed.  This seems to be much faster than BDS2005, although it does have a slow startup time, even on a fast machine.  It takes a significantly longer amount of time to load up BDS compared to VS2005.  Once BDS2006 is loaded however, the IDE operates smoothly and quickly.  A couple of things that look particularly nice right off the bat:

  • The Live Templates features are great, helping to speed dev time but cutting down on repetitive typing.  Similar to CodeRush, but not as extensible from what I can tell.
  • It lets you export a csharp project to a Visual Studio project file.
  • “Change Bars“ instantly show you (via colored bars on the left hand margin) which lines in the file have changed since the last save.

You can see all the new features of Delphi 2006 here.

Update 2Delphi and C++ Builder Editions of IPWorks and IBiz have been updated to support BDS2006.

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Posted on Monday, December 12, 2005 6:55 AM Programming | Back to top

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