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The RSSBus website talks about “Create, Connect, Visualize”.  It goes on to explain that RSSBus lets you do three major things very easily:

  1. Create feeds out of whatever you want, with relative ease (yes, I said whatever you want:  data from QuickBooks, data from your database, Asterisk connection information, Amazon S3 buckets, Google maps, file listings, system process information, etc.)
  2. Connect feeds to each other, and manipulate them.  Pipeline them through computations or pass them to each other as input.
  3. Visualize feeds however you like - in any format (RSS, ATOM, Html, Text, etc).

But why?  To me, the biggest benefit is the ability to move my data around quickly, with a minimum of development efforts or software to buy.  One of the stated goals of RSSBus is to connect every system, data, or information source of any significance as simply and easily as possible.  I think a big step has been taken in that direction already.  With literally just a few lines of code, I can move data around in many ways, from many sources, to many targets:

  • Anytime a PayPal donation gets made to my account, I can send an email, an IM, a page, an SMS message, etc.
  • Anytime a new file gets dropped into an FTP location, I can retrieve it, post it to my blog, upload it to an S3 bucket, etc.
  • Anytime a new sale gets entered into QuickBooks, I can generate a sales receipt, send an email, make a database insertion, etc. 

These are just a few examples.  Download RSSBus and take a look at it.  Look at the operations and sample scripts.  How can *you* use RSSBus?

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