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Google Spreadsheets API

Lots of people are talking about Google Spreadsheets.  Yesterday I wrote some c# code to enable me to access my Spreadsheets account from my .net applications: a Google Spreadsheets API.  So far I can authenticate, list all my existing spreadsheets, create a new spreadsheet, edit individual cells, delete a spreadsheet, rename a spreadsheet, import from a local XLS file, and export to a local XLS or CSV file.  I will post some code later today.


string Email
string Password
string CurrentSheetKey
int SpreadsheetCount
string[] SpreadsheetKey
string[] SpreadsheetName
string[] SpreadsheetOwner
string[] SpreadsheetDate
string Localfile


void Auth()
void ListSheets()
string NewSheet() //returns sheetid
string OpenSheet()
void EditCell(int row, int col, string value)
void SaveSheet(string name)
void CloseSheet()
void Upload(string name)
void Download(string format)
void DeleteSheet()
void RenameSheet(string newname)
string GenerateUrl()

Update: Download it here, source included.

Update 2:  The library is no longer available.  Instead, I am using the RSSBus GsheetOps connector.  Example here.

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# re: Google Spreadsheets API

If you have an API for creating sheets, entering data, etc - could this be made into a plugin for OpenOffice to enable a locally created document to be saved to Google Spreadsheets?
7/22/2006 8:05 AM | Chris D.Emery

# re: Google Spreadsheets API

Yes, but I don't have any experience coding OpenOffice plug-ins. If you do, I will share my sheets code with you.
7/24/2006 6:23 AM | Lance

# re: Google Spreadsheets API

Datawarehouse access?
Hi guys, I am not a programmer but I cant help wondering how this could be used to access datawarehouses. Could there be a metamodel you could access or do you need to access the atasource directly?
Any ideas?
If this works, it could really be a serious smb application for BI reporting. For free.

(I work in the BI space and can really see a big thing here, making our lifes a lot more difficult)
6/28/2007 4:04 PM | Jonas

# re: Google Spreadsheets API

Wow am I behind with the times. Have been researching Google Spreadsheets this week and stumbled upon this article now which is 4 years old lol! Anyway, thanks for this Lance.
6/19/2010 5:16 PM | Ryan
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