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From AIM Developers:

The AIM service is changing into an open and dynamic platform. Now, developers will be able to drive the AIM service in innovative new directions, confined only by the limits of their imaginations.

It seems though, that this statement is just as useless and meaningless as the 23 million tons of garbage CD's that AOL loved to spit at us.  Why would I say such a thing about the wonderful company that we all know and love so dearly?

Well...what is the one thing in the world of instant messaging software that users have been pleading for over and over?  What is the first thing that a potential user of the AIM Custom Client library might create?  Answer:  a single IM client that works with multiple services (like Trillian and Gaim). 

Not so fast there, speedy.  On the AIM Developers FAQ, we find out that developers are NOT "confined only by the limits of their imaginations" - but also by AOLs refusal to truly open up:

"Developers are not permitted to build Custom Clients that are multi-headed or interoperable with any other IM network"

Of course, its not like this is any big surprise. 

note:  Even Google kicked Trillian out of bed.

Posted on Monday, July 3, 2006 2:22 PM General | Back to top

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