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Dave Winer points out why RSS dates in the future are possible

Does the pubDate always have to refer to the moment that a particular item was added to the feed?  Consider that the pubDate in an RSS feed could represent the time that such an item becomes important? 

Items in a feed don't have to be news stories or blog entries - consider a feed in which the items are television episodes that will be on television tonight.  The pubDate might make more sense as the date and time that the show will air.

Other examples:

An RSS feed that represents a road trip (such as a delivery schedule).  Combine this with a mapping service and get a feed that include georss tags as well (like these), so each item would represent a time and place.

A 10-day weather forecast feed.  An item that represents tomorrow mornings weather might be timestamped tomorrow morning at 8am rather than today when the forecast was generated.


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