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My friend Holly says that my blog is boring lately.  So here's a little Google Maps/Flight sim mashup that I saw somewhere today.  This is entertaining for at least 45 seconds, but not much more than that.  Sorry I guess thats the best I can do.  Of course you could just do the same thing in Google Maps or Google Earth or MSN Virtual Earth - just without the little plane and the potential explosions.

Here's a funny Flickr post from somebody in the Raleigh Flickr Group.  Apparently there are more goat-eating people in the area than I knew about.  I thought I knew them all and they were Albanian.

Do you watch "The Office"?  If not you're making a terrible mistake!  Its in re-runs right now on NBC, but you can get your fix from The Office Webisodes at

Remember how cool Atari was back when we didn't know that things like Halo could ever exist?  Here's a flashback, sort of, called Escapa.  Its not an Atari game - but its on the same level graphically.  My best is 24.765 seconds.

Now...back to my regularly scheduled geekiness.


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