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Jeff, John, Joseph, and Tim are going to South Carolina Code Camp 2.0. No word on whether Waldo is going or not. These guys want to do something nerdy along the way. Great idea, and I'm always up for nerdy games. :)

Where's WaldoWe can easily create one RSS feed that shows their real-time location (using Where's Tim), the weather they are experiencing (yahoo weather), local events happening in the area that day (, and area restaurants in case they are hungry (yahooLocal).

I don't know anything about geo-tagging photos though. Who does? Are there cameras that include geo data in the EXIF of the photos they take? If so, I know that Flickr has an API call that will let us retrieve that data. Alternatively, it looks like you can just manually add tags to your photos on Flickr like "geo:lat=47.620628" and "geo:long=-122.349329". Either way, we should be able to pretty easily make a map of the route with Flickr photos pinned to the map at the location where they were taken.

Now that would be cool and nerdy (...wait...can it be both?)!

update:  I took a look at the GeoTagging Flickr group.  The Atom and RSS feeds for the group use the dublin core subject element to show the tags, e.g.:

finland geotagged helsinki geolat60171665 geolon24937077

It would be nice if Flickr was smart enough to go ahead and use an extension (*cough* georss *cough*) to Atom/RSS to provide the geo tags in a more friendly manner.

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