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Lance Robinson is a software engineer in Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and surrounding areas. More about Lance.


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As I've mentioned a couple times in the past, already provides a useful set of RSS feeds. On top of this, they also have a great REST API. Here's a list of "cool third-party applications" that use the api.

Their RSS feeds are useful only if I know the metro code. For Raleigh, NC it is 99. So the full feed URL is It would be nice if I could easily piece together this URL without knowing anything other than my state and city, ie: But I can't. Another alternative would be if I could put the zip code in the URL and get the feed I want. But I can't.

So...I used their API, along with RSSBus, to create a set of dynamic RSS feeds for events. I can now control the results of an event search by using the querystring in the URL. Now, in my local RSSBus installation, I can just use the following URL to get a list of events in my zip code:


Of course I can change the value of the location querystring variable to any zip or street/metro/state combination that I like. Thanks to the API, there are tons of other optional querystring arguments that I can pass along, like radius, state, venue, start and end dates, tags, and sort directives.

This upcomingSearch operation simply takes the querystring args, passes them on to Upcoming's "event.Search" method, parses the results and pushes them out as RSS. I've also implemented feeds for listing Metros, States, and Countries included in the database. Later I'll put this up for download - until then email me if you want to try it.

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