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Tim pointed out to me yesterday that Flickr was adding some official support for geotagging. In the past, Flickr members just used regular Flickr tags to geocode their photos (ie, tags like lat:36.45 and long:-79.34). Now Flickr will let you go to the Organize page's "Map" tab and literally drag and drop your photos onto a map to geotag them. This is very cool, IMHO.

What they've not done yet is make this information available via their API, but they say that functionality is coming soon. So what they have done so far is just the first step. As soon as their API provides access to this information it will open up a big beautiful door. I also hope they go ahead and include these geotags in the RSS feeds that they already offer.

Update:  It didn't take long for the API changes to be made public.

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