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The town of Apex, where I live, is on the front page of this morning because of a series of explosions last night and early this morning at a hazardous waste plant. Everyone has been evacuated for a 1 mile radius, and my home sits about 3 miles west of the explosions.

I was at a tavern which got evacuated. You could smell the chemicals in the air, people were walking around with cloth over their faces trying not to breathe.

The last word is that the fire is still going, but there is no positive confirmation of this because nobody is there except the HazMat teams. Now the concern is the rain that we got this morning, and how that might effect ground water.

Update: Apparently air quality tests have turned up nothing horrible.  Water quality tests forthcoming.  I went ahead and bought a few gallons of water just in case.

Posted on Friday, October 6, 2006 6:37 AM General | Back to top

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