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Several people have made comments to me about the newly announced Apple iPhone because they know how I felt about the iPod when it first came out ( see my post, "Convert Your Pocket PC to an IPod"). I must say, it looks really nice. The tech specs are impressive. But can we all please get real for a second here?

Really, its about damn time the iPhone happened.

Really, this is not a new idea. One thing about the iPhone announcement that annoyed me is the way Steve Jobs and Apple make it seem like the iPhone is some fabulous new idea. I think Jobs feels like he's the second coming of Christ because he has this iPhone in his pocket. On the other hand, somebody please give their marketing guys a raise. From what I understand there are three iPhones in existance: one in Jesus' Steve's pocket, and two in glass cases as if they were the Hope Diamond.

Really, this "revolutionary" new phone is still a long way away from pocket pc phones or even most smart phones. It is a giant (huge, immense, awesome) leap forward, don't get me wrong, and I have no doubt that there will be plenty of happy iPhone users. If I needed a new $500 phone I might be tempted to get one myself.

Really, if you're a software development geek, let me know how much fun it is writing software for your new iPhone.

Really, when you get ready to put music on your iPhone, I hope you don't mind being forced to install iTunes, and worse being forced to go through iTunes just to put music on your phone. Apple should team up with Sony to see if they could make transfer and licensing a little more difficult.

Really, are you going to switch to Cingular so that you can use this phone? Keep in mind the contract cancellation fees you'll likely have to pay to switch anytime soon, which will probably add another couple hundred bucks to the $500 or so bucks you'll pay for the iPhone.

Really, is the iPhone exclusive to Cingular? Cingular??? The same wireless company with the lowest customer satisfaction rating in the business (according to J.D. Power and Associates)? That must be a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally bad customer satisfaction rating since we all know the wireless industry as a whole has abysmally poor customer satisfaction.

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