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I saw this post over at Wired: No Sex, Please; We're Sony. To sum it up, apparently the porn industry is going with HD-DVD and not Blu-ray. Interesting.

And, just for laughs: take a look at the 6th comment down:

"Blu-ray still has better technology AND don't be so rash into thinking Sony made a bad choice. Once this is advertised strongly enough, religious leaders will prefer and support Sony's Blu-ray format over HD-DVD due to 'moral' reasons. I believe Sony knows what the market share really is - conservative America. It's business and they are doing the smart thing. Eventually, once this boils over, the porn industry will follow Sony and Sony will give in."

Posted by: DLeon

<sarcasm>All this time I didn't realize that religious leaders and conservative America were our technological leaders! Thank God for the tubes!</sarcasm>

The stupidity of this comment reminds me of a recent xkcd which showcases the stupid things people say on the tubes:

Posted on Friday, January 12, 2007 5:29 PM General | Back to top

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