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Andy Beard, on his blog with more eye-cringing flair than any I've seen in recent memory, touches on a very important subject:

"Technorati simply can't cope with new forms of blogging and RSS feed generation."

This is only going to get worse for Technorati and many other services that use (not just track) RSS feeds. But I don't think the question is "how to fix Technorati?", as Andy suggests. I think the question is how to fix Technorati AND CoComment, Twitter, and the like. Fortunately the answer is very simple. Really simple. Just like RSS.

RSS feed producers need to use appropriate meta data to describe what type of content they are syndicating. If CoComment defined their own namespace and used a prefix on their RSS item elements, Technorati would be able to use those feeds to take advantage of such powerful metadata and improve their service as well as CoComment's usefulness to the community as a whole.

On a side note, one thing Andy mentioned is just plain wrong:

"Technorati could use coComment as a way to filter out splogs, because blogs that don't get comments might be a good indication of splogs and reblogs."

Andy, are you telling me that "sploggers" are not smart enough to catch on to such a thing and add comments to their splogs? Are you telling me that a blog without any comments doesn't contain useful information? No, and no.

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Hi Lance

Thanks for the feedback

I am not a programmer, but I do know that coComment went to an awful lot of trouble creating a very smooth integration with Technorati.

The claimed feeds were appearing great for a few days, and then were suddenly cut off with no announcement.

When Myspace nerfs a widget provider, it makes huge waves, yet this nerf went by unnoticed.

If you notice in my comments, there is a response from coComment, they have tried to contact Technorati without results.

There isn't anything technically different between the way coComment link between its comment blogs, Twitter link between their various profiles, and how Weblogs Inc link between their sister sites.

The change needs to come from Technorati in my opinion without doubt.

p.s. "more eye-cringing flair" - I would love you to elaborate on that because I love feedback - which elements exactly?
I don't have sitewide advertising, sitewide blogrolls and have quite a minimalist lightweight design other than community features and elements that have been proven (extensively tested) to work such as the prominent subscription boxes.

Left by Andy Beard on Mar 13, 2007 3:28 PM

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