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There are two ways to deploye feeds created with RSSBus to shared hosting web servers, both of which I will describe below. If you need more details on either of these please do not hesitate to contact me.

  1. To publish a live, dynamic feed:

    - In order to do this you'll need to make sure the file extensions .rsb and .rst are mapped to ASP.NET. If not, just ask your hosting company and they should be able to do this for you very quickly without any fuss.

    - Copy the .rsb and/or .rst file(s) to your host. The folder in which they reside must be an ASP.NET application folder.

    - As with any other ASP.NET application, you'll need to copy any dlls to the bin sub-directory of the forementioned ASP.NET application folder. At the minimum you'll need nsoftware.RSSBus.dll, nsoftware.RSSBus.Engine.dll, and nsoftware.RSSBus.Formatters.dll. Also copy any other dlls for RSSBus Connectors that you use in your scripts/templates. For example, if you use an operation from SqlOps, you'll need nsoftware.RSSBus.SqlOps.dll.

    - If your ASP.NET application folder already has a web.config file, you'll need to modify it to add the httpHandlers for RSSBus. You can copy and paste these directly from the web.config file that comes installed with RSSBus. If you do not already have a web.config file, simply copy over the entire file.
  2. To publish a static feed:

    - If you do not need your feed to be dynamic, you can simply show the feed on your desktop, save it to a local file and copy that file to your server. For example, when you are in the Feeds tab of the RSSBus Admin Console and you have completed your script, click "Show Feed". When your feed comes up in the default browser, save the feed as xml (ie, myfeed.xml). Then FTP this static file to your server.

    [Note that in the final release, RSSBus will make this option easier by providing an automated solution to automatically deploy a static feed.]

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