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Ian McAllister announced new support for RSS feeds for tags at These feeds will be fun to play with in RSSBus. It would be interesting to take the AmzWishlist widget that I created with RSSBus and create an RSS feed that will show me items on that are tagged with the same terms as items I already have in my wishlist. Hmm....

I noticed that a commenter to Ian's post mentioned that he couldn't wait for RSS feeds for generic Amazon searches. Of course such feeds already exist if you know where to find them. The commenter left a url toZapTXT, which looks pretty useful. ZapTXT will help you keep track of data (website updates, classifieds listings, job postsings, blogs, sports teams, etc) from sources that support RSS or Atom. With ZapTXT and RSSBus together, you could expand the list of data sources ZapTXT will support to sites/services/applications that don't already have RSS feeds.

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