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With RSSBus, right out of the box you can run a SQL query on an Excel sheet using the excelQuery operation.

If you create a little RSSBus script, you can also perform queries on SQL Server, Access, or other database sources and pipe the results into Excel:

<!--hard-code some inputs to sqlQuery: -->
<rsb:set item="myinput" attr="query" value="SELECT TOP 20 * FROM Customers" />
<rsb:set item="myinput" attr="conn" value="Data Source=localhost\\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=Northwind;" />

<!--now call sqlQuery and save the results in _feeds.myquery:
<rsb:call op="sqlQuery" in="myinput" save="myquery" />

<!-- now call excelCreateSheet, and pass in the saved feed-->
<rsb:call op="excelCreateSheet?file=C:\\myquery.xls&feed=[_feeds.myquery | urlencode]" />

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