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If you are using Twitter, let me know so I can follow you.  Yep, I'm on Twitter now, finally.  I decided to give it a shot and see what all the hoopla is about.  Is it really that great?  We'll see.

While I'm checking it out - I decided to look at its API and look into whether or not I should throw together a Twitter connector for RSSBus.  The API is very compact - simple and to the point.  All simple HTTP get and put.  All of the API methods return data in several formats - it looks like all of the gets return XML, RSS, Atom, or JSON - and it looks like all the puts return XML or JSON.  Nice.

At first I wasn't sure if there was much point in creating a Twitter connector for RSSBus since alot of the methods are already returnable as RSS feeds and there are already RSSBus connectors for doing HTTP operations with XML data (HttpOps, XmlOps).  RSSBus can already connect to any RSS source, of course (not to mention Atom).  But I decided its definitely much easier for the user if there is a separate connector - now that the connector is finished I can easily write some scripts to pipe other RSSBus connectors together with this one.

Benefits of the RSSBus Twitter connector:

  • richer RSS feeds
  • RSSBus scripting capabilities so that I can pipe other connected services/applications into twitter - ie, if I wanted to automatically "tweet" all my Google Calendar additions or events, etc.
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