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This incomplete tutorial gets a person started, but then bails on the second half of the process of configuring actual users.  Instead it points you to the man page, which is basically useless and conflicts with directions mentioned in the snmp.conf man page!  Ugh!

This page is a little bit better, it helps me get an authNoPriv user up and going.

From there, I was able to add my authPriv users too:

  1. As described in the first tutorial mentioned above, run snmpconf –g basic_setup and then copy over the conf file.
  2. net-snmp-config –create-snmpv3-user –a “auth_password” –X DES -x “des_password” desuser
  3. net-snmp-config –create-snmpv3-user –a “auth_password” –X AES –x “aes_password” aesuser
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