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If you’re reading this (and you’re not just one of my friends or acquaintances who is stalking me), you know you’ve done it.  Yep, you know you have.  You’ve spoken to someone or written to someone in various computer languages.  It just happened here at /n software in an IM conversation between two of my co-workers, James and Tom.  James is trying to get a group of people together to see the Pink Floyd Experience.  James IM’d Tom in RSBScript (For you nerds that don’t know, RSBScript is an xml-based language used to help create and consume web services with RSSBus):

<rsb:equals attr="Tom.isGoingToFloyd" value="true">
     <rsb:unset item="Tom" />

Translated into C#, this says:

if (Tom.IsGoingToFloyd()) 
else {

Only a true nerd could appreciate something like this, so naturally I laughed.  :)

The first example of this extremely nerdy yet all too common act I can think of was a silly one that my friend Todd signed in my yearbook in high school (yep, we were nerds then too).  Todd and I we were in AP Computer Science together, where Pascal (no, not even turbo pascal, the use of which actually lost me points on my final project!) was taught.  Before you read this, know that me, Todd, and Luther used to all be best friends.  Todd and Dana were a bit of an item, me and Aimee were dating, and Rose was this strange girl who seemed to be obsessed with Todd, and poor Luther had no women in sight.  Here’s what Todd wrote (warning: do not read unless you are prepared for some serious high level nerdiness):

Lance; {Crackers is what we used to call you }

program TheEndOfTheYear (var Dana, Aimee:Babes; Lance, Stodd:Studs);

type funtype:char;

var Luther:needsagirl;


{ //ok, this part was random stuff that Todd wrote, which I'll skip }

Joy := plenty;
Todd + Lance := Joy;
    Kiss(Lance, Aimee);
    Kiss(Todd, Dana);
until (Death or ExtremeHappiness);
for Counter := head to toe do
while Rose = Alive do

Yes, I am aware of the nerdiness level.  No, I am not ashamed.  Pascal Lance out.  (:P Tom)


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VISIBLE "Wow, I don't believe I've ever written something as nerdy as that last bit of code."

Left by Chris Eargle on Aug 16, 2008 7:12 PM

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Yes...I admit it. Very nerdy.
Left by Lance on Aug 16, 2008 10:34 PM

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