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RSS to iCal Converter

Here is an RSS to iCal converter that I published last week.  All it does it take your RSS url, and give you back another one that calls RSSBus, and asks RSSBus to retrieve your URL and convert it to iCAL for you! 

Recently I came across several RSS feeds of schedules.  One was a product release schedule, another a football schedule (go pack!).  I was slightly annoyed that RSS was chosen for schedules since no feed readers really know how to handle a future pubDate, but I quickly realized it would be easy to convert to an iCalendar with RSSBus’ iCAL feed formatter (note:  RSSBus also includes feed formatters that transform RSS into csv, kml, atom, html table, and mediaRSS.  The feed formatter  API is open and anybody can create their own custom feed formatters).

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# re: RSS to iCal Converter

Maybe this is a silly question, but is there any way to go the other way around and convert an ical feed into an rss feed?
10/15/2008 1:04 PM | Rich

# re: RSS to iCal Converter

i have did it in ruby..
u can find it in this page,
2/11/2009 1:28 AM | Srikanth

# re: RSS to iCal Converter

Used the converter to publish an RSS-feed into Google Calendar. However, dates are shifted 1 day earlier.
9/10/2009 10:44 PM | TJIBO

# re: RSS to iCal Converter

Looks like the converter is gone??
1/26/2011 5:24 AM | Q

# re: RSS to iCal Converter

XML Parsing Error: syntax error
Line Number 1, Column 1:BEGIN:VCALENDAR
5/17/2011 2:14 PM | deb

# re: RSS to iCal Converter

This is awesome. But I wasn't able to convert an RSS into an ical. So I'm wondering i fyou documented anywhere what elements and attributes you are looking for when you are converting to ical? this is what they had:
<item><title></title><link><![CDATA[with there link]]></link><description></description><pubDate></pubDate></item>

I suspect that the converter croaked on pubDate. What should it be?
3/29/2014 2:25 PM | Laura
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