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I was asked to evaluate SlickEdit 2009, so I dropped Ultra-Edit for about three weeks and used only SlickEdit 2009.  Here is a little “log” of my thoughts on the switch:

- SE setup asked to add to my system path – I don’t like having to add stuff to my path.  What is the benefit of adding this? 

[SE Staff:] Many of our customers are heavy keyboard and command line users. Adding SlickEdit to the path allows you to invoke it and its related utilities using the command line.

- The first thing I went to edit was an .htm file.  I couldn’t find a way to quickly launch the browser to see the browser view of the document.  Ultra-Edit has this and I use it a lot.  Later on, I discovered that I can add an “HTML” toolbar, but I wish it would just automatically add that toolbar when I am editing an .htm/.aspx/etc document.

- The next thing I went to edit was a .cs file containing one small class.  I loved the way SE showed me a list of all the class members, and when I click a class member it jumps to that spot in the code.  I wished it could let me “collapse to definition” like Visual Studio does – and it turns out, it does!

[SE Staff:] Check out View > Function headers. You can also invoke a SlickEdit command to do this. Press ESC to bring up the command line and type in “collapse-to-definitions”. There’s a lot of different ways to collapse text. Look through the items on the View menu plus View > Selective Display. That’s what we call this feature.

- I seemed to recall a slow startup time the last time I tried SlickEdit.  There was none of that this time.  But, when SE sits unused for a while, and then later I want to drag some files into it…it takes upwards of 4-5 seconds for it to even start responding.  I’m not sure what its doing, but the cpu % is at about 5-6 during that time.

- It took me 3 clicks to integrate SE with SVN!  Love this feature.  At this point I am blaming the slow responsiveness on Vista, and I am thinking I might just be hooked on SE now.


There are so many features in this editor that it can be hard to find the ones you want (ie, view in browser and the many “selective displays”).  Its not as lightweight as UltraEdit, but has many more features than Ultra-Edit.  It is a much more functional and powerful editor, but one that requires some system resources.

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I still like Ultra-Edit better.
Left by Military Binoculars on May 05, 2010 6:54 AM

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