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Starting a new business online is exciting, but you need to do some homework to make sure your e-commerce start-up gets noticed. A bit of research offers several tips on how to stand out from the crowd and avoid rookie pitfalls. 

Statistics indicate that there are close to 25 million active business profiles on Instagram, which makes it difficult for a newcomer to attract positive attention. Use these 5 tactics to avoid errors and enjoy a greater chance of finding online success.

Use content to stand above the crowds

Original content on your budding start-up is essential to differentiate your offering from the next business. An authentic ‘About us’ page that tells a creative story that encourages a visual idea of who you are and your journey draws crowds. Being true to who you are in your new biz establishes a common value of sincerity and integrity, which people respond to. 

While being authentic, remember to add value by providing content that adds value to your customer’s experience. Content with instructions for how to write a quality SEO article or recipes for under $1, for example, are appreciated. 

User-generated content or UGC is another way to gain in popularity. When customers add their voice to your start-up, overall customer experience improves by more than 70%. 

Technology as a valuable touchpoint for improving customer experience 

Innovative website plugins that provide multiple payment options increase value, as do simple additions like icons to share content to social media channels. Kall8 is an excellent background tech addition to improving the overall customer experience too. By simply adding an 800 service from Kall8, customer experience tracking is enabled together with analytics. 

Campaign progress can be tracked with the Kall8 service, which allows you to adjust marketing and advertising initiatives on the go. Real-time adjustments help align campaign communications with your customer behaviors. 

Meeting their needs with the real-time flexibility of this service helps to improve their overall experience. Improving customer experience immediately promotes the value that your business delivers, which is another tactic to differentiate your offering from the competition.

Promote customer value with trust and solutions

Loyalty rewards help to entice customers to your site and excellent service promotes trust. Provide solutions to customer problems rather than highlighting the products and services you sell. In other words, if you sell air fresheners online, these solve the problem of refreshing stale air. Your product has now solved a customer problem. Buy 20 of these air fresheners for the price of 18, and you build goodwill. 

Follow up on order delivery with a personalized email or phone call for bulk orders and customers who purchase small orders on a regular or intermittent basis, and you slowly begin to build trust. 

Win customer trust by making small interactions meaningful, and your customers will become loyal. Loyal customers will freely promote your business, giving you valuable marketing and advertising. Promote their reviews on your website as another tactic to show off your success.

Pursue online collaborations to build visibility

Place appeals on social media platforms to source other small businesses that you can collaborate with. Exchange logos or service offerings on each other’s sites. Exchange content with backlinks to promote SEO and online searches. Use social media for advertising these collaborations for your customers to view. 

Getting the buy-in of an established website provides you with credibility. Collaborations with influencers enhance your reputation. Asking reporters or micro-influencers to help you to develop your brand also helps them grow. Just make sure that your goals are in sync so that everyone’s reputations remain pristine. 

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