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Even people who shop traditionally are making many of their purchases online. Technology has become central to the process of buying stuff online. Consumers are doing much of their research online while others are making purchases on their mobile devices. Learn about different ways that technology is changing the world of online shopping.

Online Discounts

In the past, retail stores would mail coupons, gift cards and product samples through the mail. Nowadays, there are hundreds of websites that are devoted solely to helping people save money while shopping online.

There are Web-based and downloadable software programs that people can install and use as they make purchases online. At, an add-on tool alerts customers to discounts that they can find at other stores. It's a valuable tool for anyone who wants to save money.

Virtual Tours

A virtual tour gives online shoppers the opportunity to review the inventory before they buy. These tours provide more details than basic pictures. You'll find this feature to be common on real estate websites. Buyers can view the interior and exterior conditions of homes or buildings.

Live Chats or Chatbots

Artificial intelligence is making its mark in the online retail industry. As computers are being used to display the merchandise, they are also being used to chat with customers and discuss their purchases. A live chat is conducted by a real human while a chatbot is conducted by a robot that simulates human conversation. Either option makes it easy for customers to ask questions before they buy.

Mobile Shopping

More people are using their smartphones, tablets or laptops to shop online. More retailers are hosting mobile-friendly websites that make it easy to browse their inventory in any location, whether it's at home, in an airport, at a supermarket, in a car, etc. This improves the shopping experience for people who are always on the move and away from their PC computers.

Retail Software

Behind the scenes, retailers are using software to improve their customer relationships, increase their sales and monitor their profits. Customer relationship management (CRM) software makes it easy for companies to manage profiles for thousands of customers. They can customize profiles to include each shopper's personal information, buying habits and purchase history. They can use marketing software to track the results of each of their marketing campaigns and to predict future sales and buying trends.

Pricing software helps retailers to change their prices based on fluctuating supply and demand. A tracking system can alert them about changes in the market and suggest new prices for their products and services. In addition to helping retailers, this tool helps consumers find the best prices as they shop.

Digital retailing is now at its peak. Many retail giants and small businesses are giving their customers the option to shop online. Customers have tens of thousands of products and prices to choose from, more than they had just a decade ago. Technology has improved the methods that companies are using to find customers and customers are using to find companies.

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