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TwitterMinder will check your Google Calendar for events and automatically submit  them to your Twitter account.  Extra optional inputs are available, as is the source code if you want to add your own features.

Now if my desktop agent (TweetDeck, Twirl, Digsby, etc.) knew how to automatically POST to TwitterMinder every hour, that would be nice.  But I subscribed to TwitterMinder in Google Reader (FeedDemon or anything else that can subscribe to rss works too).

The coolest thing about TwitterMinder is the source.  If you look at it (available in the "developers" note), its amazingly simple thanks to the power of the RSSBus Gcal and Twitter connectors.  This source could easily be modified so that instead of connecting Google Calendar to Twitter, I could connect events to Twitter, or events to Twitter.

Technical details about TwitterMinder:

  • TwitterMinder has two formats, text (Gcal_to_Twitter.rst) and RSS (Gcal_to_Twitter.rsb).  The text (.rst) will return a textual response indicating the message that was Tweeted or a statement that no events were found to tweet.  The RSS (.rsb) will return a rich RSS feed with 1 item per tweeted message.

  • TwitterMinder works by taking the input from either an Http POST or GET.  TwitterMinder has 4 required inputs:

    1.  gcal_email - an email address used to authenticate with Google Calendar
    2.  gcal_password - a password used to authenticate with Google Calendar
    3.  twitter_user - a user name to authenticate with Twitter
    4.  twitter_password - a password to authenticate with Twitter

    I list twitter_user and twitter_password as required, but really they aren't either.  If either of these is unspecified, TwitterMinder will simply tell you what it *would* have tweeted, instead of actually tweeting it.  This is handy if you just want to play around with TwitterMinder and decide if it works for you.

  • TwitterMinder has some optional inputs as well:

    1.  gcal_cal - the name of the Google Calendar to search.  If unspecified, the default calendar is searched.
    2.  gcal_fromdate - gcal_fromdate and gcal_todate can be used to specify a larger date/time range for the search.
    3.  gcal_todate - gcal_todate and gcal_fromdate can be used to specify a larger date/time range for the search.

     gcal_fromdate and gcal_todate expect the RFC 3339 format, for example: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS-05:00 (-05:00 = EST, use whatever offset you need), or UTC time.

  • Examples of how to use TwitterMinder:

    1.  Subscribe to the RSS (.rsb) endpoint in any feed reader, such as FeedDemon.  Include the inputs in the querystring, ie:****&twitter_user=lmrobins&twitter_password=****

    2.  Perform a standard web form http post to the text (.rst) endpoint, include the inputs in the querystring or in the postdata, ie:****&twitter_user=lmrobins&twitter_password=****
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